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Kubby for President, P.O. Box 50, PMB 199, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-0050

Steve Kubby

Explorer, Author, Magazine Publisher, Video Producer and Libertarian

Personal Background:

Date of Birth:
Marital Status:
P.O. Box 50, PMB 199, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352-0050
28 December 1946
United States
Married, two children
Explorer, Author, Publisher, Video Producer and Libertarian


1982            Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, Fallon, Nevada
                    Military Jet Flight Training (as a civilian journalist)
1986-89       Bonaire, N.A.
                    SCUBA advanced and deep diver certification
1982            Truckee Tahoe Hospital
                    Emergency Medical Technician, Certification
1972-73       Shasta College, Redding Califonia
                     Lifetime Teaching Credential, Public Administration
1968-1968    California State University, Independent Graduate Study
1964-1968    California State University Northridge, California, B.A. Psychobiology


1991        Invited by Canadian government to cover helisking in the Cariboo and Monashee mountain ranges of eastern British Columbia.  Logged over 1/2 million vertical feet of skiing. 

1991        Invited by state of Utah to be a guest and write about ski resorts and helisking in Utah.  Skied all major resorts, as well as the Utah Interconnect, an alpine crossing across extreme terrain of the Wasatch mountain backcountry. 

1990        Guest of Aruba and Bonaire governments. Appeared in a Canadian TV underwater documentary with explorer John Stoneman.

1990        Invited by state of Hawii to do a story and photo shoot about  skiing on Mona Kea.  Skied 14,000 summit.

1989        Guest of Aruba and Bonaire governments.   Received advanced diving training from world famous diver and ecologist, Capt. Don. Wrote and photographed about an extreme dive of a 100 year old wreck in 220 feet of water.

1989       Invited by state of Colorado to be a guest and write about ski resorts and helisking in Colorado. Skied all major resorts as guest of Ski Colorado

1988        Invited by US Navy to do a story about Top Gun pilots. Received  security clearance from the US Navy to fly an F5 military fighter jet at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center at Naval Air Station Fallon.  Received flight training from Top Gun instructors and flew the aircraft during aerial combat maneuvering. 

1987          Guest of the British Virgin Island.  Explored and reported on numerous historical wrecks and dive sites. 

1972         National Geographc Expedition Leader, Organized an ascent on Mt. Shasta for the National Geographic magazine.

Professional Experience

2004-Present    Publisher, Alpine World Magazine, an online multimedia magazine.
2001-Present    President, Kubby Productons.  Produced three news shows per week for Pot TV.  Responsible for content, production, editing and streaming.  The Pot TV News show was featured on Fox News, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, CBC TV, and Tech TV.

1999-Present    Director, American Medical Marijuana Association. Internationally recognized organization comprised of doctors, lawyers, nurses and patients working for the rights of medical cannabis patients primarily in the United States.  The largest organization of it's kind.  Represented patients in discussions with top policy makers including:

-- Janet Reno, United States Attorney General
-- Ed Meese, former US Attorney General
-- Hoover Institute, Law Enforcement Conference, Stanford University
-- Joseph MacNamara, Former police chief of San Jose, Ca. & Kansas City, Mo.
-- James Gray, Judge, California Superior Court
-- The Libertarian Party
-- Ron Paul, MD, US Congressman
-- Dan Hamburg, USCongressman
-- William Masters, Sheriff, San Migel County, Co.
-- Michael Carona, Sheriff, Orange County, Ca.
-- Orange County Board of Supervisors
-- Placer County Board of Supervisors
-- Rev. Jesse Jackson
-- Dr. Brian O' Leary. Ph.D, NASA astronaut

1999-Present    Political Fundraiser: Raised $100,000 on behalf of patients for US Supreme Court challenge.  Direct mail campaigns raised over $350,000 for the Kubby Defense Fund.  Raised $500,000 to place the Compassionate Use Act on the California ballot 

1999-2001        Judicial Activist, defended newly won rights: Arrested for publicly asserting legal rights, as granted under California's Compassionate Use Act. Ultimately acquitted. Over 300 TV and newspapers featured stories about the case, including Inside Edition, Paula Zahn, Associated Press, Canadian TV, Los Angeles Times, New York Times. Received the Sons of Liberty Award from the Libertarian party, their most prestigious award .

1997-1998        Candidate for Governor of California. Nominated to run for Governor of California by the third largest party of the United States, the Libertarian  Party.  Received nationwide coverage and over 70,000 votes.

1996        Web consultant for the Men's Wearhouse. Created a state-of-the-art web site including all graphics, code and a custom search engine for locating stores by area.

1996        Invited speaker to the World Forum in San Francisco.  Spoke with leaders and ministers of Europe and India regarding medical cannabis. Met with President Mikhail Gorbachev.

1995-1996        Political Consultant and Fundraiser, Proposition 215 Campaign in California. Worked with former Police Chief of San Jose, Joseph MacNamara, and former District Attorney of San Francisco, Terrence Hallinan.

1991-1995         Authored Politics of Consciousness, still in print.

1986-1991          Publisher and Editor, Ski West Magazine. Used emerging desktop publishing technology to produce cutting edge photos and graphics. Secured international distribution contract. Became the number one selling ski magazine in seven countries.  Sold advertising to Fortune 500 companies such as American Airlines, Sprint, Ponds, Hertz, and Subaru. Sold the magazine in 1991. Was the invited guest of five governments and three states:

-- Canada 
-- Caymen Islands
-- British Virgin Islands
-- Bonaire
-- Aruba
-- Colorado
-- Hawaii
-- Utah

1982        Elected to the Northstar Board of Directors. Lake Tahoe, California.  Worked with local police to provide police protection and equipment for the community.  Created the annual Northstar Pancake Breakfast, which raised $10,000 per year for children's winter sports.

1984-1986        Created Homestar, a property management company, Northstar, Lake Tahoe, California and sold the business, which is still in successful operation.

1980-1984        Recovered from four major surgeries on cancer.  Managed investments in the Bahamas and Tahoe.  Built and sold several homes.

1973-1975        Adjunct Professor at Shasta College.  Received a lifetime teaching credential.

1970 - 1980    Founder and Director, Earth Camp One, ECO was the highest rated summer camp for children in the world.  ECO was written up in National Geographic, Newsweek, and Sunset magazines.  Celebrities such as Joan Baez , George Peppard and James Colburn as well as international clients sent their children to attend ECO..

1969-1971        Probation officer for the Los Angeles County Probation Department.