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"This is no more about Marijuana than the Boston Tea Party was about Tea."

Welcome to Zero Tolerance America
By Steve Kubby

AUBURN, CA. (FEB 27, 2000) -- Last Friday afternoon, prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge in our case to rule that we are not eligible to use the Compassionate Use Act as a defense. Furthermore, they are asking the judge to disqualify our expert witnesses and that we not be allowed to mention the Oakland Guidelines or the Federal IND program.

Many of you have written to express your outrage that our rights have been so repeatedly violated by the police, prosecutors and the courts. Thanks to zealous Placer County officials, our case now encompasses virtually all of the evils of the drug war from spying through bathroom windows and listening through bedroom walls, to asset forfeiture and last week's denial of our right to adequate representation.

Welcome to Zero Tolerance America, where the Bill of Rights has become a distant memory, and the War on Drugs has become a war on all of us. Our upcoming trial will show the world just how broken the American criminal justice system has become in its blind obedience to the ultimate ideology of intolerance - Zero Tolerance.

In Zero Tolerance America, it doesn't matter if you pass a law and lawfully attempt to assert your rights, as we did. It doesn't matter if you are a cancer patient, as I am, just trying to stay alive. Even elections don't count anymore, if the outcome is ideologically incorrect. None of this matters anymore, because now police and corrupt officials decide what laws get enforced and what elections get voided.

Here's a handy statistic for understanding what the ideology of Zero Tolerance has done to our Bill of Rights and to our citizens. It comes from a recent OPED published in the Washington Post and authored by Timothy Lynch, director of the Cato Institute's Project on Criminal Justice:

"It took more than 200 years for America to hold 1 million prisoners all at once, yet we have managed to incarcerate the second million in only the past 10 years."

Our Bill of Rights, secured by the blood of American men and women for our freedom and protection, has been stolen from us by a slow-motion coup by Zero Tolerance police, prosecutors and career politicians who think they know best how the rest of us should live.

The brave founders of our country understood how easily any government, including our own, can become a tyrant -- that's exactly why the Bill of Rights was written -- to protect individuals against their government.

Thomas Jefferson in his 'Notes on the State of Virginia' drew a clear line for when government exceeds its authority over individual behavior:

"The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others."

Hence, whenever the government seeks to prevent a person from doing some alleged injury to himself, it acts beyond its legitimate powers. How unfortunate that this principle -- considered so important by Jefferson and the other founders of America -- was not better articulated in our Constitution. Certainly, if citizens understood this basic principle of government, misguided federal campaigns to criminalize private behavior, such as Prohibition and the War on Drugs, would never be tolerated.

With your help, we intend to expose the lies and terrible harm inflicted upon our fellow citizens by Zero Tolerance America.

Together we can end this insanity and take back our country and our freedom.