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Steve Kubby on The Justice System

While other candidates tell you how they will police your life, Steve Kubby tells you how he will police your government:

  • Direct Police to Fight Real Crime with Real Victims
    All law enforcement agencies will be directed to treat victimless crime as their lowest priority, freeing police resources to be directed against real crime. Victims of real crime will be assured that their case will receive the highest priority from police.
  • Unclog the Criminal Justice System
    Most of the gridlock in our courts today has been created by overzealous government prosecutors who fill up courts with victimless crimes. Real crimes with real victims must come first. To accomplish this, we must empower juries to obey their own good sense rather than directions from a judge. Kubby will order judges to instruct juries that they each have the right to judge the soundness of the law, as well as the guilt of the accused under that law. Once judges start reading juries their rights, ordinary citizens will finally have a voice in government. Citizens like you will once again have the political power that our founding fathers intended for you under our American jury system .
  • Use Prisons More Wisely
    The Department of Corrections, currently operating at 195% of capacity, will be ordered never to again release a violent criminal because of overcrowding. Prison space will be created at no risk or cost, by the release of non-violent drug prisoners who do not represent a threat to their community. Victims of violent crimes will finally have some peace of mind, knowing that their attackers will never be released early due to overcrowding.

Steve Kubby will stand up to corrupt judges, prosecutors, and politicians to make sure your rights are restored and that you have a real voice in controlling government.

Of all the candidates for Governor, Steve Kubby is the only one with a clear plan for creating a smaller, friendlier state government. And Kubby has a proven record of challenging Big Government by putting Prop. 215 on the ballot --and winning

As Governor, Steve Kubby will act swiftly and decisively to get government off your back, out of your pocketbook, out of your bedroom, out of your medicine cabinet and, as much as possible, out of your life:

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