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Steve Kubby on Taxes

Ending Tax Slavery So You Can Make Your Own Decisions

If I walked up to you with a gun and told you to give me all your money, you'd call that "stealing." It doesn't matter why I want your money. The fact that I take it from you by force makes it theft.

Is it any different if I get together with others to take your money by force? You'd probably call that "gang-related stealing." Each member of a gang who steals your private property is just as guilty of theft as one person robbing you alone.

So what makes it different when the government takes a percentage of your income by force? You don't have a choice in the matter because ultimately, government agents will come to get you with guns if you don't pay what they say you owe. In the IRS, the word "special" in front of "agent" means the agent is armed.

Theft is theft. And the motives are not always good ones. Consider the late night legislative session where lawmakers give themselves a pay raise. How can children believe parents who teach them that theft is wrong, when they see those same parents voting for politicians who use the force of taxation to line their own pockets and support their favorite programs? Especially when today's government debt has already laid claim to your children's future earnings.

How much do you really pay? In addition to the direct taxes you pay, there are other hidden tax costs, like import duties, license fees, compliance costs, enforcement costs, and various penalties to the government. According to the Tax Foundation, here's what you pay:

  • Federal taxes 22.4% of your income
  • State & local taxes 11.8% of your income
  • Compliance costs 22.2% of your income
  • Regulatory costs 12.7% of your income

70.1% of your income is now consumed by the government! You don't always see it because politicians write laws to hide taxes. You get nickeled and dimed every time you buy something and pay a sales tax. Your paycheck stub shows you what the government takes even before you get paid for the work you do. The money to pay business taxes comes from you, too -- it's reflected in the higher prices that you pay for the things your family needs.

Imagine how much better off low-income families would be if they could keep the money they earned. Especially if necessities were more affordable because a big chunk of the cost did not have to go to pay taxes and regulatory expenses.

Having so much of your income taken away is just the start. Taxes are applied differently to different income brackets. We've got a system that Democrats like to call "progressive" because the richer a person is, the greater a percentage of income is supposed to be taken.

You and I know that's not how it really works. With loopholes and credits and a system so complicated that average folks can no longer do their own taxes, the rich get off paying a lot less. If you can afford a team of tax lawyers and accountants, you don't have to pay much under this "progressive" tax code. If you're middle-class or poor, you have to pay a bigger share. This system is immoral, unfair, and too great a burden for Californians to take any more.

Only by reducing the size and load of government can we prosper, that's why Steve Kubby has called for phasing out the state personal income tax over the next four years. And only Steve Kubby stands for not replacing that tax with another one. If we cut the government down to size, the people can at last keep their hard-earned money.

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